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Oh my gosh, this was so much more than I expected. During the session, I didn't know what to expect. Then, all of a sudden, I felt a huge shift in energy. There were truly spirits coming through. Just amazing!



I am so grateful for our time together during the session. Such a lovely experience with Kandace and the spirits that came through. I feel so loved and so moved by all of it. I feel elevated on every level and I am very grateful. Thank you!



This was outstanding! I felt like I was communicating with another dimension. The language and complexity were so exciting. All of my questions were answered - but on a whole other level. I loved this, so much!



"Working with Kandace has shown me what I am capable of. Through her channeling she and her guides have helped me to understand my power. Kandace is personable, honest, funny and very down to earth. My session was like a conversation with my best friend. When I need clarity and to be reminded of my strength, I will be working with Kandace and her guides!!"


"I want to feel that way again."


I have a very analytical mind. Sometimes too much. This experience was so transformative for me. I feel completely shifted. As the answers came through Kandace, I had tingles everywhere. This was an experience from another dimension. Exceptional!


Dr. David T.