In this unpredictable world, I offer guidance and respite.

The lovely spirits that channel through me

are here to uplift and serve. you.

Enjoy A Beautiful Session With Kandace


I am a channeler of Divine Light Beings who come to deliver specific insights, experiences, and guidance to all who seek it through this medium. All are welcome. 

I am here to deliver these services to the human collective consciousness. Upon a request by a well-intended soul, Specific Masters will appear, usually, those who are best equipped to advise, direct, and offer deep guidance to the seeker.

Although I have a well-developed mind with many of the academic accomplishments, my Master’s Degree and Doctoral pursuits pale in comparison to the flow I feel from the divine. My channel remains my most valuable asset. 

Though I step aside for these Light transmissions, I participate in the flow and attune to the highest frequency. In this sacred space, love is shared, hope is ignited, and we all step forward. With no one in the past, we are raised together. 

Are you struggling with understanding your place in the world? Do you feel connected to spirit, but don’t know where to begin? Enjoy a 30- or 60-minute session with me and The Collective, and open your eyes to your spiritual potential.

Kandace & The Isaac Collective: A Deep Dive Into Your Spiritual Nature.
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Oh my gosh, this was so much more than I expected. During the session, I didn't know what to expect. Then, all of a sudden, I felt a huge shift in energy. There were truly spirits coming through. Just amazing!



I am so grateful for our time together during the session. Such a lovely experience with Kandace and the spirits that came through. I feel so loved and so moved by all of it. I feel elevated on every level and I am very grateful. Thank you!



This was outstanding! I felt like I was communicating with another dimension. The language and complexity were so exciting. All of my questions were answered - but on a whole other level. I loved this, so much!



"Working with Kandace has shown me what I am capable of. Through her channeling she and her guides have helped me to understand my power. Kandace is personable, honest, funny and very down to earth. My session was like a conversation with my best friend. When I need clarity and to be reminded of my strength, I will be working with Kandace and her guides!!"


"I want to feel that way again."


I have a very analytical mind. Sometimes too much. This experience was so transformative for me. I feel completely shifted. As the answers came through Kandace, I had tingles everywhere. This was an experience from another dimension. Exceptional!


Dr. David T.